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Three defining features of successful health clinics

Communication, Patient care, Staff

Health is a booming industry in Australia and across the globe. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily translate into health clinics and allied health professionals automatically creating booming business.

With high operational costs, increased competition, and lots of regulations to follow, health clinics can struggle to remain solvent, let alone profitable.

Having worked ‘at the coalface’ of health clinics for more than 10 years now, I’m privileged to have supported their growth. I want to share what I know about building a successful health clinic.

1. Patients are front-and-centre

Successful allied health professionals and private practice owners put their patients front-and-centre, and their patients love them for it.

Customer service is absolutely essential for health businesses for many reasons:
Health is all about quality of care. If your front office staff aren’t reflecting the care and quality of service provided by the practice’s health practitioners, this creates incongruence, which leads to mistrust.

A happy patient is a returning and referring patient. The health industry relies on excellent word-of-mouth referrals. Patients always prefer a personal recommendation over a Google search.

Due to marketing and advertising restrictions in the health sector, health businesses need to better convert inquiries into new patients. Customer service, particularly the initial contact point, is critical to this.

When patients feel supported by their health clinic, they’re also best-placed to get better, faster. They have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing they’re well cared for.

2. Supported staff

Successful allied health professionals and private practice owners take their responsibility to support staff with everything they need to do an excellent job, seriously.

It can be exhausting to work in a busy health clinic because of high demands on paperwork and compliance and the diverse skills required.

When staff are supported with:

  • quality Practice Management Software
  • thorough user training
  • excellent front office staff, and
  • seamless systems,

they’re better able to focus on what they do best: provide exceptional client care.

3. Healthy systems, healthy health clinic

Successful allied health professionals and private practices are healthy, quality ecosystems that are regularly reviewed and improved.

Technology has progressed at an exponential rate over the last decade. This means old systems can quickly become redundant and patch-it jobs begin to crack at the seams.

Healthy systems are not just about technology. Healthy systems combine staff training, compliance reviews, and quality systems to make clients feel safe and supported.

Your practice system needs regular reviews to ensure they are compliant. Also, you must ensure your staff are not wasting hours, wrestling with technology achieve simple, necessary tasks, or trying to remember the protocols for different tasks.

If you’re struggling with your systems, need to update your PMS, and want to improve your front office support, then check out how we work and get in touch today.

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