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You can let go: How trust and delegation can be keys to loving your work

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Are you a practice or health clinic owner who spends most of your waking hours working in your business, not on your business?
Are you exhausted, or not as motivated as you were when you first excitedly opened your doors to the public?
Then this blog post is for you…

What DON’T you do? Responsibilities of a Practice Owner

The responsibilities a Practice Owner bears are many. You likely feel the weight of managing up, down and sideways in your business. Your responsibilities are, at once, urgent and important, quantitative and qualitative, immediate and long-term. Your management duties are discrete, yet enmeshed so tightly that it can be difficult to tease apart each important duty to focus on it fully.

There are the money concerns.
Cashflow must be maintained. Profitability, too. Both of these are only possible if you can successfully attract patients and grow their numbers.

Then, the time and output concerns.
Maintaining processes.

As a practice owner, you must consistently check in on the productivity and efficiency levels of your workers with the empathy of a saint, firmness of a headmaster and the data-calculating brain of a robot. After all, it would be You who feels the ill-effects of your staff not maintaining best practice.

Zooming out from the workplace itself, there’s your Work Life Balance.
Many Australian practice owners struggle to find a comfortable work/life balance. You’re often ‘the face’ of your practice, and your patients want You. This can lead to working business hours on your specialisation, leaving before and after business hours for administrative tasks. You may feel the incessant ache of neglecting your personal life or family. You may feel guilty for relaxing. You may feel like you need to be working, more. Work time, and leisure time, can blur.

Lastly, you think 24/7 about your employees.
Their skills and advancement.
Their happiness.
Your support of their work and their lives.
Hiring the right people.

The people you hire bring the heart and soul to your clinic. They are THE most direct influence on all the rest of your responsibilities. Your people make or break your practice.

How we can help

Throughlines has extensive experience working with practice and clinic owners across the allied health space. A factor they all share is the major responsibility levelled on their front-of-house staff. This critical role centres on providing a stellar level of care and assistance to patients, existing and new.

This care and professionalism directly affects patient retention and clinic reputation, from which profitability flows.

Engaging Throughlines is a way to delegate these high-impact responsibilities to a proven team of professional virtual reception staff. We spend 3-4 weeks getting to know our clients (free of charge) and take you through a thorough onboarding system to ensure a great fit and a solid working relationship.

Our process of discovery lets us understand exactly what your objectives are in regards to clinic growth, streamlining processes and optimising systems. We take our time to clarify the facets that are unique to your business. We align with your goals.

As your turnkey administrative and patient relationship support, we manage the setup and syncing of technology and communications systems. We configure and test email accounts, phone numbers, and inboxes to take the patient management responsibility off your hands.

We have established robust Profile systems to make it easy for you to tell us about your Clinic and your Practitioners. At this stage, we really start to become a part of your team. We will be remote, but you’ll feel like we are there, supporting your entire practice in real time.

We gain access to your Practice Management System to begin familiarising ourselves with your set up. If we find any ways to optimise your system, we let you know. Everyone loves continuous improvement!

We don’t stop there.

We drill down into understanding your clinics ‘personality’, outlining exactly how you want us to act/respond in over 50 different scenarios. These responses can be broad (across the clinic) or narrowed down to how one Practitioner would like us to respond.

Once we officially take this significant ‘strand’ from your large ‘web’ of responsibility, you can rest assured that we have this covered. We continue to hold regular meetings with you to verify that we’re maintaining patient reception to your liking – and then some.

Throughlines exists to address the concern of the practice owner who fears that if they don’t ‘do it all themselves’, their reputation, business, and/or identity will suffer. When it comes to something as important as patient communication, it’s critical that your business has the right people on the job. With us, delegation of this core role is seamless, and you can create clear boundaries and use your time well.

Let’s connect and let us make lighter work of running your practice. Fill in our form here to get started.

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