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Is your brain bursting? The systems we take care of, so you don’t have to

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Does your brain feel full to bursting? It makes sense – our brains have limits.

Limits to what we can remember, what we can multitask (the reality is, we can’t), and how much we can get done in a set amount of time. A brain that is too busy is a brain that functions poorly.

We function as your ‘second-brain’, running sophisticated operations and business systems so you can give your brain a break.


We take care of the following:


Office Administration: Workflows, Automation

Let technology be the brains behind your organisational skills. Our system is designed for workflows and automation such as follow-ups, check-ins, confirmation emails, automatic waitlist checks after each reschedule/cancellation, and many more.

Our turnkey solution to email templates, online forms, and automated triggers eliminate the need for you to continue doing the same thing over and over again. You won’t even need to do it once!

Software and I.T.

We can outline the benefits and comparisons of various PMS and premium software. The value in premium software is immense. It pays itself back in efficiency and results almost immediately. Paying $10 per month extra to install premium software is worth it. You get your time back, and this technology fails far less than human memory.

(You will have an acute understanding of this value if you’ve ever lost a post-it note with important details on it! Or, if staff have forgotten to write something down in a communal place! Painful!)

Client and Practitioner communication

We use communications systems which are purpose-built to create clarity and manage expectations between client and practitioner.

Our top priority for clients is meticulous client record-keeping, and warm communications.

We never lose documents, digital assets or track of contact. We ensure the client feels seen, heard and respected after chatting with us.
The same goes with practitioner communication. The tasks you allocate to us remain active in our system until the job is complete, even if the action date is a month down the track. We are proactive in spotting issues or conflicts to ensure your work day flows efficiently.

Client appointments

We understand that people are creatures of habit. It is far more effective and efficient for people to book repeat appointments in advance at the same time each week or fortnight.

We encourage and action repeat bookings to:

  • save time in bookings, reschedules and cancellations
  • encourage commitment and accountability
  • strengthen the patient/clinician relationship

Repeat bookings reinforce your ongoing value to them, as a journey back to health, not just a quick fix. Throughlines manages cancellations proficiently with the health of the clients at the forefront of our minds.


We manage the gamut of telecomms, including:

  • routing calls to different places on particular days (automatic diversions) after hours or on weekends
  • direct certain call types to different places and/or practitioners
  • delivering voicemails via email
  • phone system setup from mobile number to main business line, including change management to get clients used to a new number
  • local landline number setup – great for advertising

The possibilities are endless and come in very handy when multiple locations are involved.

Practice manager/ staff turnover minimisation

Your practice manager is a core member of your practice, but who’s to say they need to be a full-time employee sitting at a front desk?

Consider teaming up with Throughlines. Investing in an off-site service will relieve a lot of the pressures involved in running a clinic and allow you to focus on upper management tasks.
As a full service provider, we act as a virtual, multidisciplinary front office manager. We generate a seamless experience for your patients, and provide well-organised, autonomous assistance to your practice.
Let’s work together to drive your efficiencies and deliver the best possible healthcare to your patients…with green lights all the way.

Get started on a brain-relieving new way of working.

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