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Mastering efficiencies: Streamlining 100 processes into 10

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Running a successful practice takes a LOT more than being an excellent clinician.

To be the best practice owner you can be, you may think it’s entirely up to you to juggle two vastly different responsibilities simultaneously:

One: Your specialisation

You’re an exceptional psychologist, an empathetic acupuncturist, a results-driven osteopath or any other incredible Allied Health professional. You’re an expert in your field and your focus is on improving health. Of course, without this knowledge, your practice would simply not exist. When you’re 100% focused on nurturing your particular knowledge, both you and your patients thrive. Nothing should get in the way of you practicing your specialisation.

Two: Business practice

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the administration and I.T. aspects of running a business are the necessary ‘yin’ to the ‘yang’ of your specialisation. They are the gears that drive your clinic’s sustainability, security and growth. Inefficiencies here can very quickly unravel an otherwise reputable allied health practice.

Slaying Efficiency Myths

You might believe that you must DIY the admin of your business, or at least, be across it all. You may have succumbed to the ”if you want it done right, do it yourself” myth. Though, as Dan Sullivan & Benjamin Hardy write in “Who not how”:

“It’s easy to assume that if we want to control the outcome, then we also need to control the ‘how’, but it’s not true.

All you need to do is clarify the “What” and “Why that outcome is so important”, then hand it over to manage the ‘How’”

Delegating the ‘how’ is at the core of efficiency. Efficiency, when done well, leads to:

  • Less non-billable time
  • Excellent first, second and ongoing impressions
  • Skilled and professional front office
  • Patient retention
  • More motivated staff and management
  • Less stress

…and what business owner doesn’t want that?

Getting back in control of our resources

Time and energy is finite and precious – particularly when we’re talking about hours in the working day to do “all the things”.
Once you use time you cannot recover it, so we must use it wisely, for the greatest impact.

Sure, once we expend energy, we can replenish it, but accumulative stress and overwhelm can make this an insurmountable task.

One of the best decisions you can make for your sanity, efficiency and business success is to delineate which tasks are necessary for YOU to do, and delegate the rest to others.

Put another way…

You’ve studied and worked as an Allied Health Professional, so it’s logical that You are the best person to perform your allied health tasks. Thus, it’s logical to allow experts in business administration to perform the work they’ve developed the skills to do.

The Practice Fitbit – a quick efficiency check

If you were to put a fitness tracker on the ‘pulse’ of your business, what would it show you?

Would it calmly glow green, informing that you’re gliding along, effortlessly managing tasks and gleefully reaping the rewards?

Would it flash an alarming red, with notices of bottlenecks, miscommunications, doubling-up and unbearable worry?

Or, would it be an amber ‘meh’, ‘near enough is good enough’, unaware of how amazing it feels to be on top of the game?

Gauging your practices fitness in this simple way helps fast-track positive change in your business operations. Much like your patients come to you to help them get better, your business can come to us for guidance on boosting efficiency.

Our goal is to supercharge your practice fitness level from sluggish to ‘Athlete’. Are you ready?

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