Frequently asked questions about Throughlines virtual health reception services and how we work. Your patients are in good hands.

Q: What does a Throughlines receptionist do?

If you’ve ever had an in-house receptionist you’ll already know that they do EVERYTHING! There’s really very little we can’t do, and if we can’t personally help, we’re bound to know where to go to find someone who can.

The term ‘receptionist’ doesn’t really do our role justice. Our highly trained staff will soon prove to be invaluable, as our attention to detail and warm and communicative manner means that nothing falls through the cracks.

Q: How are you different to virtual reception call centres?

A virtual receptionist typically works in a call centre alongside dozens or hundreds of others. We are not a message relay service. At Throughlines, we are so much more. We manage your bookings, cultivate inquiries into new clients, and follow up with any cancellations so as to improve reschedules and rebookings, to name just a few.

Many of our clients tell us that their patients have asked for us by name when they’ve come for their appointment – that’s how integral we become, not just to our clients, but to our clients’ clients.

If you want to know whether Sally’s MHCP has been received, ask us.
If you want to know whose caseload is full and whose is available, ask us.
If you want to know how many people have rescheduled/cancelled due to Covid, ask us.
(Although you probably won’t have to because we would have already told you, and followed up to rebook those who can now come back to see you face-to-face.)
What time is my next client? Ask us.
If you want to know whether your Facebook marketing ad boost increased inquiries, ask us.
If you want to know whether the new client enquiry from last week has been followed up with, ask us.
Has the BioCeuticals order been placed? Ask us.
When is the HICAPS terminal being replaced? Ask us.
What’s the alarm code again? Ask us.
Who’s outstanding on their room rental? Ask us.
When does our massage offer expire? Ask us.
How many new clients have we had since that ad? Ask us.
Do clients like the new website? Ask us.
Has this client’s MHCP review come in yet? Ask us.

Q: Why not just hire a receptionist in-house?

At Throughlines, our services tend to be far cheaper and offer far higher quality, with lower risk, than hiring an in-house receptionist. When you engage Throughlines, you engage our whole team. You don’t have to worry about the costs and effort of recruitment, training, onboarding and ongoing performance management. You don’t have to worry about insurance, superannuation and other legal requirements. With Throughlines, you have all the benefits of our comprehensive training and state-of-the-art system, with none of the downsides.

We offer full-time support only, to ensure your clients receive a singular, excellent experience.

Q: Where are your employees located?

All Throughlines employees are Australians, based in Australia. Our world-class training means you can trust that your calls and clients are in good hands. Quality is one of our guiding principles and on this, we are uncompromising.

We take your security seriously; access to your Practice Management Software is programmed into our state-of-the-art system for our staff to access. We don’t need your passwords, so if circumstances change, your clinic is completely protected with no trace of our business within yours. While we are proud to employ only the best and most trustworthy people, you also have added peace-of-mind with knowing that your clinic is secure through our system and process.

Q: Can I use my existing phone number?

Yes! You can continue to use your existing number including any 1300, 1800 or mobile numbers. Our receptionists always know exactly whose phone they’re answering so your calls will always be answered with a personalised welcome greeting. We deliberately limit the size of our business and the number of clinics we take on to ensure your business is never treated as just a number.

Q: How can you act on behalf of my clinic? How will you know everything?

Our thorough onboarding process ensures that we have everything we need to act on your clinic’s behalf. Our state-of-the-art technology and systems equip our staff with all the necessary information to take excellent care of your clients. Our staff are renowned for their initiative, attention to detail, and care – we know this because our clients’ clients regularly comment on it.

Q: Are my calls always answered, 24/7?

Your calls will be answered by a real person during 9am-5:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. As part of our service, we have personalised after-hours messaging and are also able to direct your calls to an outside phone number or an on-call person, if required. It is our exceptional call-back quality of service that’s continually commented on by our clients’ clients, who appreciate prompt responses.

Q: How do I receive my messages?

What messages? We only communicate via email if or when you want us to. We’re not a message relay service, so expect that we will handle everything within our power before we send any messages to you. You will receive email notifications of appointment changes and will always know exactly what’s coming up.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?

Our packages are a minimum commitment of three months. We don’t do this to “lock you in” but rather to give both parties – you and us – a chance to properly thrive together. Getting to know your business so that we can become a true ally, advocate and extension of your core team takes time. Three months enables us to prove our worth so that we quickly become invaluable to your business.

Q: How can I be sure that Throughlines is qualified?

Throughlines grew out of the personal experience of Katie Shanks, a highly experienced health clinic and allied health practice administrator who spotted a gap in the market to provide the kind of comprehensive, high quality and personal experience that her employers knew and loved her for.

With over 20 years’ experience in administration management and training, Katie established Throughlines in 2018 after realising there were limited options for healthcare professionals to access virtual support in a manner that would prioritise the client experience and connection with the same level of energy that they personally provided.

We pride ourselves on our thorough in-house training, our purpose-built state-of-the-art system and technology, plus initiative and attention to detail that’s essential to running a busy practice.

Q: How do you measure success?

We measure our success by our clients’ success – through helping their clinics to grow. There’s a common theme amongst our clinics – they’re on an upward trajectory and, through bringing us onboard, they fly!

Why? Because patients want health centres, clinics and health practices that are responsive, warm, and reliable. Patients want to feel that they are in safe hands, and this starts with the receptionist.
A few quick stories to illustrate what we mean: we set ourselves a goal to beat a clinic’s record for new clients in any one month – and we beat it! By booking 70 new clients into the clinic in June (amidst Covid). We pride ourselves on converting inquiries into clients, and go above and beyond to make this your new reality. We hear patients saying things such as, “Thank you so much! This service is amazing”, “I should always assume you are two steps ahead of me!” And our personal favourite, from a clinic owner, “our clients really like you.”

What’s the process for getting started?

Hop on over to our Support Services page and fill out the form and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours, but more likely, 24 hours.
We look forward to meeting you.