Capturing the heart of your health clinic

With Throughlines, your health clinic is in safe hands.

We reflect your quality of care, by creating and nurturing your client relationships through our comprehensive Australian-based, virtual reception and client management services.

woman reception office management

We understand how your clients can feel when needing to visit your allied health practice.

When people are unwell, in pain, uncertain or fearful, it’s essential that they are treated with the utmost care.

At Throughlines, we extend the therapeutic relationship beyond the treatment room, inspiring confidence from your clients to help facilitate the healing process.

Communication is the heartbeat of any business, and a successful reception team keeps this flowing.

Now, more than ever, we need human connection.

Throughlines offers you and your clients open and accessible communication that recognises the whole individual by utilising our deep interpersonal skills, compassion and common sense.

Katie Shanks, Owner, Throughlines

Impeccable service. Professional management.

All Throughlines staff are personally trained and supported by Katie Shanks, a seasoned professional with extensive healthcare experience. Katie empowers her team to apply their interpersonal skills, intuition and common sense to discover people’s underlying needs to ensure your clients feel seen and heard.

At Throughlines, we treat your clients as our own and meet their needs with timely solutions.

Our office management and administrative skills means that you can rest easy as we focus on the innumerable details necessary for the smooth running of your allied health practice.

When a practice owner or manager can focus on what they do best and leave the rest with us, their practice grows.

We’ve seen this over and over again.

Our favourite part?

When your clients visit your practice and ask for us by name.